Y&R gioco

"Relive the great American Civil War battles with this new exciting game".

Yankees & Rebels
is a two players game of the "Histo Command Dice" series where you can experience, at "great tactical level" the most important battles of the American Civil War.

The game contains everything you need to recreate "the 3 days of Gettysburg" (printed map and specific units).
Additional  "neutral" units are available and by placing some of the 180 terrain hexes on the map, it will be possible to reconstruct most of the battlefields.

The brand new game system includes:

• Random corps activaction.
• Special dice to activate units and combat.
• Possibility to redeploy some units during enemy activation.
• Differentiation of units in: conscripts, veterans or elite.
• Reaction when enemy units move adjacent.
• Only 3 pages of rules.

All this makes Y&R a game with the same philosophy that  contaddistingue us:

"Immediacy and playability in the historical context".