VLE gioco


June 18th,1815: on the Mont Saint-Jean plain Napoleon plays his last gamble...

"Vive l'Empereur"

is a 2 players game that allow you to re recreate at "great tactical level", the battles of the napoleonic era.
In the box you will find all you need for playing the following scenarios: Waterloo, Quatre Bras and Ligny.

As "Commander in Chief" you will have under your command:

• 3 Generals
• Infantry units (Militia, Regular, French, British, Elite, Guard)
• Cavalry units (light, line and Heavy)
• Artillery units (medium, heavy and horse)

Moreover, deploying some of the 180 terrain hexagons on the neutral map, you can create the most battlefiel  (see scenario, from menu "download").

Only 4 pages of rules, an exciting  game system, only few minutes to place units and ... you're ready to relive the exploits of one of the most fascinating periods in the history.