Q: In the box there is a sheet with counters showing some trees. What are they?
A: They were originally to "conceal the unit" covering. Later we realized that it was more functional the sistem indicated in paragraph 12.0 of the 2.0 rules.

Q: The round stand in the box are not enough to put ALL of the American and British units. They are missing or whenever you need to mount only the units required for the scenario?
A: The round stand are enough to play each scenario. Those who wish may purchase additional green round stands (see page "Order"), or by ordering a game of your choice, they will be shipped free of charge. Since 2010, the boxes in the shipment include 50 additional green round stand and the latest version of the rules (2.0).

Q: The map is a thik carboard mounted?
A: Map and cards are printed on 350 gr paper and front/back laminated.  The units counters and hex overlays are printed on 500 gr paper and laminated .

RULES (version 2.0):

Q: Anti-tank units are considered anti-personnel target?
A: Yes, in the upper of the counter are given symbols to identify the type of target that the unit is (see 2.2).

Clarification "4.3 Terrain": 
Q: In the Rules there is not the "Terrain Effects Table", it is a choice or an oversight?
A: The "Terrain Effects Table " is shown on each army card. It's more functional kept it near  the units characteristics of  each army. In the  rules (2.5) you can find as the Army Table must be read and in 4.3 specific details for terrains.

Clarification "3.0 Basic Game Turn Sequence": 
Q: In the Basic Game unit that fired in the opportunity fire during the movement of the opponent can activate the same unit during own phase of the turn?
A: Yes. Unlike the Advanced Game where activation is alternating, in the Basic Game who has the initiative it moves one by one ALL your units. The player without the initiative, in any case will opportunity fire ONLY once per unit each turn.

Q: In the Basic Game the result of the d6 is also the number of artillery batteries available for the entire turn. If with " Command Group B" I get the contact for bombarment, can I use the same battery that fired previously requested by the "Command Group A"?
A: No. Each battery bombards ONLY once per turn (keep register of used batteries). Use another battery (if available).

Clarification "4.3.4 Trenches and Bunkers": 
Q: When a trench "absorbs" a hit, is considered to be destroyed?
A: No, to remove the trench marker during an attack or bombardment, you need two results of "explosions" (hit). See

Clarification "Advanced Game - 5.5 Opportunity fire": 
Q: A unit that performs an opportunity fire is considered activated?
A: Yes. See 10.0

Clarification "5.6 Request an Artillery Support": 
Q: Heavily armoured units (H) have a bonus instead of -2 dice. What does it mean?
A: The correct sentence should be: The heavy armored units (H) have instead a modifier of -2 dice.

Clarification 8.1 "Simultaneous activation"
Q: If a unit is performing an "opportunity fire", this counts as activation? And in the sequence of alternating as you go along?
A: The opportunity fire is considered as ACTIVATION and it anticipates the moving unit, but it counts as a unit activated in the alternation of the activation. Then, after the opportunity fire (of one or more units) and possible fire of unit that was moving, the player target of opportunity fire may activate another unit ... and so on. Any unit has the ability to perform the opportunity fire if NOT already activated.
Volontary activations includes only the units of Command Group activated + some units as a d6 result (Don't consider opportunity fire as volontary activation).



Scenario n.5 "Counter-attack at Mortain": 

Victory Conditions: The allies gains 1 point each german unit eliminated. Everything else remains the same.